About Us

Our Vision

To nurture a community with deep roots in the belief pickleball saves lives and spread the love of Ludo, the universal symbol for pickleball!

Our Mission

To create fun and inspiring designs to express people’s passion for pickleball.

What began as a friendship (ok, friendly competition) on a pickleball court in Bend, Oregon, quickly developed into a deep love for the sport of pickleball and an inner drive to share that love with the world (well, anyone who'd listen). And so, in the summer of 2021, we started Vivus Pickleball ®—a line of lightweight, durable, feather-soft performance apparel in sync with every serve you make. Our Vivus Pickleball tanks, tees, and long sleeves translate the fun and feel-good nature of this transformational sport, and just feel darn good to wear.

As an extension of pickleball itself, Vivus is rooted in the spark of both being and feeling alive. It’s about good times, keeping things casual (ok, we’re competitive, but that’s not the whole picture), human connection, and the paths we’ve all taken to get here. It's about the shared experience and the individual reasons for why we get out the door, head to the court, and play.

Colorful, comfortable, and mindful of what it means to be alive, Vivus Pickleball says to the world: pick up your paddles, grab a pickleball and find your people, it’s time to play.

Vivus Pickleball

Say Hello to Ludo 

Ludo Vivus Pickleball Saves Lives®

What (or rather who) is the little pickleball player in our logo? That's Ludo! Our illustrated representation of the spirit of Vivus Pickleball (and pickleball in general). In Latin, Ludo is the first-person singular form of the verb ludere (to play games or sport). Which means Ludo is rooted in playing for the sake of playing. And which ultimately leads us to the question of why we play pickleball in the first place—to play. To meet people and share moments, move and sweat. To laugh, share stories, and experience community. Leave the things we want to on court, score a point or two, and feel good.

We all have our own whys for playing pickleball, and Ludo is magical enough to embody them all. So, what’s your Ludo?

I play—for the love of it. For health, for the movement, to live. Because I can and I will. For the friendships, the mental health, and because it’s f*cking fun. Because it makes me feel grounded and lets me escape. Because it makes me feel better every time I do. For the love of it, for the movement, because so long as I can I will.