One More Pickleball Game Never Enough

One More Pickleball Game Never Enough

A friend called and said, “Let’s go play pickleball!”

I replied, “Pickle what?”

She said, “Pickleball?”

Still confused, I asked “What is Pickleball?” then said, "Sure, Let's Go!"  

My life has never been the same since. More days than not, I have found myself saying, “Thank God for Pickleball,” because I have 99 problems and aging is only one of them.  I lost my mother and sister four months apart; plus a couple of skiing accidents left me with ACL, MCL, and meniscus tears in both knees.  How do you come back from such emotional and physical pain?  I'll tell you how.  

Play pickleball. Play lots and lots of pickleball! 

My sister was an unexpected loss that hit me hard. It was gut wrenching to lose both my mother and sister in the same year. Only when I play pickleball do I find the heaviness in my heart is lightened because for those couple of hours I chase a yellow ball around the court, I think of nothing else. Sure, I experience other emotions like happiness, anger, frustration but not sadness or depression. I usually leave the courts chatting with family and friends. All laughing at ourselves for making stupid mistakes or reliving our awesome plays. But mostly, I FEEL ALIVE, thanks to the game of Pickleball!

I share my pickleball obsession with anyone I can get down to the court.  Most people are easy except my daughter.  It took years to convince her to play.  She kept saying, "I am not playing that stupid game. It sounds stupid." Kids...some things never change even when they are adults, am I right?  Flash forward and we both play.  My son plays now too and my grandkids!  Pickleball is one of those rare sports we can all do together. It's fantastic!  

When I heard my daughter say, “Pickleball Saves Lives” I instantly agreed!  Pickleball is both my mental and physical therapy with a lot of fun involved.  Laying on the couch is no longer an option. I can honestly say I am obsessed with this game and look forward to playing it as often as possible. "One more game" is my mantra.

Karen Blouin, Brand Ambassador

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Love the story and it’s so true! We don’t even have regular clothes anymore…. our uniform is Pickleball ready! I guess if I’m going to have an addiction – this is a healthy one physically, socially and emotionally.

Cindi Calhoun

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